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Our centralized platform, inCareNet, provides an effective and efficient telemonitoring solution through digitized standardized operation procedures, patient-specific limit value analysis, current medication schedules, automatically generated tasks.

All clinically relevant data is stored in one centralized and structured database
for digitised, efficient collaboration.

Our optimized inCareNet Dashboard is a perfect base of networked, cross-sectional and cross-institutional joint patient care, which is taking and documenting measures in an accessible web platform. Communication between the individual network partners is fully encrypted, and the web-based access offers flexible working.


We understand the need of Healthcare Systems and we have the know-how
to create the right solutions for Healthcare Providers and Payers

Changeability of use cases

Extend or change use cases according to your patients need

Unlimited remote patient monitoring

All type of CIED and/or telemedical external device based RPM for your patients*

Event notification

Patient specific limit value analysis to offer fastest reaction time after event happens

Early detection

Continuous dataflow ensure the possibility to early detection of health status changes

Available Use Cases

In our centralized Patient Management Platform we have available solutions for Heart Failure Patients to provide the possibility of continuous Remote Monitoring and also for patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED), who can benefit from Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Arrhythmias.

inCareNet HF

Heart Failure Monitoring

inCareNet RPM

Monitoring Cardiac Rhythm Implants


Outpatient Quality Assurance

inCareNet HF

A central patient management platform for effective and efficient Remote Patient Monitoring for two groups of Heart Failure (HF) patients

HF Patiens with
cardiac implant

NYHA class II
and III EF<40%

implanted cardiac rhythm device*

Hospitalized** HF Patients
without implant

NYHA class II
and III EF<40%

Hospitalised within 12 months**

Heart Failure patients has the possibility for remote monitoring both via:

  • CIED based monitoring of all type of important manufacturers like BIOTRONIK, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, MicroPort
  • as well as monitoring of telemedical external devices like scale, blood pressure, ECG, pulsoxymeter… harmonized with a central, patient tablet to collect patient status and feedback*

inCareNet HF offers:

  • indication-specific Dashboard with patient-specific limit value analysis for easy and intuitive processes.
  • network for medical facilities and various stakeholders to care for patients together, take measures and document them in an accessible web platform.
  • medication and audit-proof documentation
  • video consultation and further modules

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inCareNet RPM

Monitoring Cardiac Rhythm Implants and digitalized, standard operation procedure for patients with Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED).

inCareNet RPM covers the Monitoring of Cardiac Rhythm of all types of telemedical CIEDs (BIOTRONIK, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, MicroPort). Telemedical messages from the implanted device and the Manufacturers database is collected in our central patient management platform called inCareNet and documented, evaluated by the Telemedical Center for further action.

inPACE workflow

Monitoring Cardiac Rhythm Implants is including the inPACE modul for digitalized aftercare (ambulatory in office FU) workflow of patients with CIEDs. inPACE Implements the automatic programmer export with wireless data transfer from the programmer with inPACE WLAN connector, to the inPACE hub and direct integration into the central database of inCareNet and/or Electronic Health Record. (EHR) Available for all types of CIED manufacturers (BIOTRONIK, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, MicroPort).

inPACE is available in combination with inCareNet RPM, however it is available also as a seperate modul, only for in-office FU workflow digitalization and together with the possibility of EHR data transfer.


Scientific quality assurance program by the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill in cooperation with MED Management GmbH for the ambulatory treatment of patients with telemedical CIEDs. The goal of this program is to improve the quality of patients treatment by telemedicine and to proof the clinical value of telemonitoring.